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What can MatterPay do for you?

We will help you to simplify how you organise events, collect payments and manage customer data and transactions. We'll eliminate the need for checks, cash and paper forms to reduce the time and workload involved in taking payments. There's no monthly fees, no set-up fees and real support as standard. Get in touch and see how we can help save time and resources.

School Trip Payments

Take payments online, one page payments and eliminate arduous paperwork.

Subs Payments

Collect Subs; know immediately who has paid and limit available spaces in teams.

Event Payments

Sell raffle tickets online and in person, seamlessly draw them together.

Our Clients

St. Clement Danes

PA EventsPayments and Raffle Tickets.

Contrast Events

Event Payments and On-the-door ticket scanning.


Event and Subs Payments.

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